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let's bring the hotel back to life people

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Monday, April 24, 2006

It's O Strizzle ya'll

Friday, April 21, 2006


Damn it's been a busy week in the news. I think this is my most informative post yet! We'll have to jump right in there with an editorial I know you missed in the NYT about AT&T helping the government spy on its own citizens. BAM! Similarly, the FBI wants unfettered access to aclaimed jounalist Jack Anderson's files - before they're documented. They've told GWU and "members of the Anderson family that they want to go through the archive, and that agents will remove any item they deem confidential or top secret."

And Illinois's Repblican Governor George Ryan was
convicted on all 18 counts of "steering state business to cronies for bribes, of gutting corruption-fighting efforts to protect political fundraising and of misusing state resources for political gain." Well done Illinois.

You know who pulled off that feat against the Governor? FITZGERALD, that's who. You know what else he's up to?
Sticking it to Rove.

Scotty McScottster's
OUT. Announced with embarrasment for all to enjoy. And Sid Blumenthal had some good analysis over in the Guardian's editorial pages. Fucking America hater, has to post in the foreign press. He thinks he's so much better than you. But then, he is.

Those jerks at the SF Gate hate America too. So much, in fact, they think you should
shut the eff up when you take your 4 brats and a fanny pack to London.

Better than good, it's great, Rep. Jo Ann Emerson thinks you're an

In gay news, homos got the brush off by Bush at the
Easter Egg Roll. Not surprising, what with that big secret to keep under wraps. Also, Dr. Gail Saltz at MSNBC tackles the big questions like what to do when "My Husband Doesn't Know I Have Lesbian Lovers." And then of course, "Gay Mayor of Gay Paris Vistis Gay San Francisco." Not all that important, but certainly a great headline, no?

Vodka rocks.

In other Links:

It's spring so go buy at t-shirt
here, here, here or here. Be the coolest kid on your block.

Dude, it's
Snakes on a Plane. What's not to love. And guess who's back? These lil' fuckers.

And in cool internet shit you didn't know existed, you can
print your own books and you can keep all those bookmarks of your favorite sites online.

And then there's

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If Pain is Pleasure, McClellan Must Be Loving Today

Don't go there, sister.

Sure sure, he is "resigning" as a result of the newbie's "quit now" directive. Things are just shakin' up all over the place in the West Wing. But not all the joy has gone from Scotty's life. Today's press briefing seems like a good time, according to reporting by PageOneQ. The Questioner appears to be Les Kinsolving from propoganda site for the stupid, World Net Daily:

QUESTION: And since this morning's annual White House Easter Egg Roll welcomed everybody, including those wearing rainbow leis promoting their sexual orientation, will next year's event include all sexual orientations, including those wearing arm bands proclaiming that pain is pleasure, or not?


MR. MCCLELLAN: Les, the Easter Egg -- the Easter Egg Roll is a very happy tradition at the White House that dates back to 1878.


MR. MCCLELLAN: It is a time for families, and we welcome all families and their children who want to come and participate in the --

QUESTION: All orientations --

MR. MCCLELLAN: -- in the Easter Egg Roll.

QUESTION: But my question was all orientations.

MR. MCCLELLAN: And you got a response to your question.

QUESTION: But that wasn't a response.

MR. MCCLELLAN: So that morning time was set aside for those groups, but at --

QUESTION: What about the ones with the armbands?

MR. MCCLELLAN: You've already had your question.

PRESS CORPS: (Laughter)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Don't let his age fool ya!

Luskin's Quandry

The revelation that the infamous “Niger Memo” from 2003 does not specifically identify Valerie Plame Wilson’s role at the CIA as classified is, well, a difficult subject for the Administration. It is not surprising, then, that the NY Sun’s article by Josh Gerstein today allows Rove attorney Robert Luskin to argue, unchallenged, that this somehow casts doubt on the charge Mrs. Wilson’s identity was revealed in deliberate retaliation against her husband. According to the Sun:

“With most, if not all, of the Niger-related documents marked "secret" in a host of places, there is no particular reason a reader would think the classification was derived from Ms. Plame's status or involvement.

An attorney representing a White House official under scrutiny in the investigation said yesterday that the broader context of the document undercuts the idea of a deliberate campaign to expose Ms. Plame.”

True – because most of the document, 6 of the 7 paragraphs including the one mentioning Mrs. Wilson, was marked secret, one would not assume that classification was given solely because the document contained the name of a covert CIA operative. A reader should logically conclude that most of the information in the document was sensitive. That’s why it’s all marked secret. The question remains, however, of why exactly the Bush administration decided to reveal her name, and in so doing leak information that had been classified secret.

Ironically, last week’s revelation that Bush “declassified” a lot of this information (you know, if he says it’s ok, it’s ok) only further complicates the issue and proposes a catch 22 for the Administration. If the Bush Administration cedes his “declassification” was really nothing more than a whim, an off-the-cuff decision, then he appears incompetent and unreasoned. No, in order to argue he declassified information to better serve the public debate, he would have had to have seriously and thoughtfully considered the facts, both public and secret, and consciously decided the information was a) useful in clarifying his position, and b) not so sensitive as to hurt national security. It’s this second point that seems to trip up Luskin’s argument.

The justification for this “no hint” being newsworthy rests on the idea that the entire Bush Administration is absolved of guilt because one memorandum, from the State Department, not even the CIA, failed to mention Valerie Plame Wilson’s covert status. It’s that they didn’t know she was covert, so they certainly didn’t see any harm in revealing her role. But, if the Administration was really acting in the desire to educate the public, then they would have, and certainly should have, followed a process for assessing the national security damage in revealing the information. Shouldn’t someone, at some point, have called the CIA and said the Administration was going to declassify the information?

Rather than verify facts and account for the risks involved, however, it appears as though the President looked at the memo, said “Yeah, lets get that out there” and they ran with it. This is exactly the kind of “leadership” Bush is known for, and the exact kind of incompetence that has caused his Administration troubles from the beginning. Even worse for Bush politically, though, is that this kind of rash judgment only reinforces the argument that the revelation of Mrs. Wilson’s identity was politically motivated. There was no time to think, no time to check, no time to analyze – just throw her out there and let the chips fall where they may.

But I’m sure I’m wrong. I’m sure all the President’s men did their due diligence before declassifying the information. And I’m sure, at some point, they came across the information that correctly identified Valerie Plame Wilson as a covert operative with the CIA. They just chose to reveal her name anyway.

Monday, April 17, 2006

at the dis cO

Whiles't bagel shOpping this a.m., sfrancis and clO ran accross one of the greatest actors of our time. Bill Nunn ordered a bagel and a coffee to go at Lawson's Deli Dupont Circle. He is probably best known for his role in The Sister Act. sfrancis spotted this B or C lister, depending on who's list you are working off of, and was too scared to get his autograph.

tOO much Of anything makes yOu an addict

Autobiographical filmmaker Caveh Zahedi has made a cult career of his unabashed willingness to be vulnerable on camera. I Am a Sex Addict (and no, this is not a confession by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), a comic reconstruction of his ten-year struggle with sex addiction, has been dubbed one of his most ambitious, hilarious confessions yet.

man's Other best friend

Well, while the ever-notorious Russian gymnasts were training for the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games, it has been the livestock that has been causing a frenzied furor throughout the country. Why? I hear you ask. Well, quite simply, it was the 3rd annual Pig Olympics. This year’s infamous pork parade was held on April 12th in Moscow, and the events scheduled propelled the little swines to put their best trotter forward and display their skills in the disciplines of running, swimming and even svinoball (each team consisted of five piglets, who would chase a ball covered in fish oil with their snouts). Pig swimming was included in the Games for the first time this year.

Some 12 little oinkers from seven countries took part in the games. Contestants included Mykola from Ukraine, Nelson from South Africa, and the home favourite Kostik Russisch Schwein.

This unusual event was staged as part of the “Zoo Russia 2005” exhibition. It was organised by a group of fans from the Federation of Sportive Pig-breeding. What’s more, coaches and zoo psychologists were specially employed to train and monitor the “athletes”.

Lena, an enthusiastic spectator, simply couldn’t contain herself. “Pigs are man's best friends. You cannot imagine how I love pigs. I would do anything for piglets [seriously?]. Such competitions are very important, not just for cats and dogs. Pig [competitions] are something new and unusual [indeed!].”

Alexei Sharshkov, VP for the Sport-Pig Federation, which has around 100 members, assured the public that the pigs would not be ending up on anyone’s dinner table. “They go on to produce a new generation of sport pigs. They don't get eaten,” he said. “How could you eat a competitor who is known around the world?”

Lately Linkalicious

Sorry for the late links kids, but I had Bird-flu last week. Just one of those things I guess, but now, without further DeLay (thank god) here's something for this rainy monday...

Last Week (or at least monday and tuesday) in News:

The Pentagon, lacking more important things to do, has been spying on gay-rights groups. It's ok though, we really are up to something. Remember the homosexual agenda? At last week's meeting of the gay mafia we decided to out an under-cover mo, we just can't tell you who yet.

Then of course, Iran's got the BOMB, and we're all "gimme your lunch money." At least tickets to Canada are cheap.

O Street hero, Larry Flynt, hustled former House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston, according to the ever-reputable Page Six.

And happy fuckin' Tax Day.

In Other Links:

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in South Beach, do as the art deco loving homos do. Stay at the Victor. Then drink some 42 Below.

Are you a Yankee or a Rebel?

And, lest you think this entire post, and possibly the very existence of Linkalicious, is crap, here's Poperti - fka GookBox. It lets you save, sort, and play MP3s from your email. You're "able to list, select and play all your music messages. It shows you a music player console and also provides a playlist. You can play your music right off your inbox!"